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Where do you take the photos?
Do you provide Costumes?
Will you do my hair/makeup?


Where do you take your photos?
Most of my fantasy portraits are shot on location in one of several local parks. If you are interested in setting up a shoot let me know where you are located in Central Florida and I'll give you some options to choose from.

Do you provide Costumes?
I have a number of costumes and accessories available to choose from. Sometimes, however, I may not have a costume that will fit you perfectly. Because of this I usually suggest a client bring a basic simple plain dress or something similar to use as a base just in case. Most of the time people utilize my collection for their entire costume, but in some situations I add accessories and costume pieces to a customers existing outfit.

Will you do my Makeup and Hair?
I can provide digital makeup. I used to provide actual makeup services, but have found that more dramatic results can usually be achieved in the computer. The complexity of any digital makeup will depend on the type of package a person requests. I do still suggest that woman come with basic foundation and their normal "everyday" makeup to provide a base for the digital work I will perform. I apologize but I don't do hair. It's not a refusal because I don't want to, its because hair has never been my strength. I'll be happy to make sure your hair doesn't look like you've been through a hurricane, but I won't be able to do anything special with it.