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See more of Tracy's Photography at Grimm Visions


Other Photographers and Colleagues:
Joseph Corsentino: Modern day myth maker.... faeries with a modern twist
Dave Windham: David is an American photographer who hopes to discover new worlds and show others what he has found.
J. E. Patterson: Jane Patterson is a photographer and artist, with particular interests in mythology and the fantastic.
Crystal Larson: Photographer and more.

Traditional Artists:
Stephanie Pui Mun Law: Watercolors of beautiful fantasy worlds.
Brian and Wendy Froud: Two of the best fairy artists in the world today.
Anne Sudworth: Internationaly known for her magical trees and haunting moonlit landscapes.
Meredith Dillman: Watercolor fantasy and fairy tale paintings.
Brian Canfield Mitchell: Beautiful B/W pencil sketches on canvas!

Online Galleries Featuring my Work:

Elfwood: World's biggest site for Fantasy/Scifi art and fiction.
Epilogue: Fantasy and SciFi at there best!!!

Other Sites of Interest:

The Devil's Panties: The Semi-Autobiographical Comic of Jennie Breeden.
Ms. Meka Nism: Armed with a guitar and her own highly unique stage persona
Fantasy Art & Artists Directory
Fantasy Photography Forum: An internet space for fantasy photographers and enthusiasts. Come discuss, get tips, make connections, and further your craft!

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